Countryside Christian Center
Sauk Rapids, MN

"Nick did amazing work for my church. He has a good ear and knows what he's doing. We will use his service again. We highly recommend his professional service to others."

- Pastor Bill Nixon

Church of St. Michael
Motley, MN

"TechNick took a beat-up old internet system and turned it into the fastest Wi-Fi in the area. (People are jealous!) Nick takes the time we need to learn to use our updated tech and does it with grace and kindness. The computer that he helped us get is also faster than anything else in the house. We could only be happier with TechNick if he were on our staff full-time!

 - Monica S.

Christ Our Light Church
Princeton/Zimmerman, MN

"Nick was super helpful with converting a comprehensive hard copy registration form for our parish faith formation program into a user-friendly online registration. He's easy to work with and makes sure you are happy with the finished product. Thanks, Nick!"

- Jenny A.

Sacred Heart Church
Sauk Rapids, MN

"Had great service from TechNick getting Faith Formation Registration up on our website at Sacred Heart Church.  Very timely and reasonably priced.  We have also used TechNick to purchase some laptop computers for our church they are great machines at the right price!
Look forward to doing more business soon."

- Tim S.